Promoting neuroprotection

Bionure is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops new first-in-class disease-modifier drugs able to slow down, stop or reverse the damaging process affecting neurons for the treatment of degenerative, ischemic, toxic and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system.


Bionure aims at becoming a therapeutic game changer and bringing significant benefit to thousands to millions of patients enduring serious disabilities.


Central Nervous System Diseases

promoting neuroprotection

Central nervous system diseases are a group of neurological disorders that affect the structure or function of the brain, optic nerve or spinal cord, which collectively form the central nervous system.


A large range of conditions can affect the neurons, the building block of the nervous system, as well as the supporting glial cells such as the myelin forming cells. Neuronal and glial damage lead to severe disabilities by affecting our memories, personality and ability to move, see and speak.


Bionure is backed by a strong base of family offices and business angels and the VC fund Alta Life Sciences.