Article on BN201 published in peer-reviewed journal ‘Neurotherapeutics’

The journal Neurotherapeutics has published, in its February 2019 edition, an article about the neuroprotective properties of the BN201 compound developed by Bionure.

The article, signed among other authors by Dr. Pablo Villoslada, chair of our Scientific Advisory Board, exposes how 15 years of research have allowed to identify the petoid BN201 and demonstrate that it promotes the survival of cultured neural cells when subjected to oxidative stress or when deprived of trophic factors. Moreover, BN201 promotes neuronal differentiation, the differentiation of precursor cells to mature oligodendrocytes in vitro, and the myelination of new axons. In vivo, BN201 prevents axonal and neuronal loss, and it promotes remyelination in models of multiple sclerosis, chemically induced demyelination, and glaucoma, thus providing a new promising strategy to treat several neurodegenerative diseases.


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