Fundación GAEM and Bionure organize the webinar ‘New neuroprotectant treatments and combined therapies’

In the framework of the crowdfunding campaign #MultiplesMotivos, Fundación GAEM and Bionure are organizing next Tuesday, July 9, the webinar New neuroprotectant treatments and combined therapies. In the session, that will start at 6:30PM (Spanish time), Dr Pablo Villoslada, researcher at IDIBAPS-Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Stanford University, CSO and chair of SAB of Bionure and company’s co-funder, will talk about last developments in neuroprotectant treatments research and the mechanism of action of BN201, Bionure’s lead compound.

The small molecule BN201 was identified by screening combinatorial chemical libraries using in vitro assays and has demonstrated that it is able to promote neuronal differentiation, the differentiation of precursor cells to mature oligodendrocytes in vitro, and the myelination of new axons. In vivo, BN201 prevents axonal and neuronal loss, and it promotes remyelination in models of multiple sclerosis, chemically induced demyelination, and glaucoma.

During the webinar, Dr Lucia Septien, Bionure’s CMO, will present the current stage of clinical development of BN201.

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That event has the scientific endorsement of Catalan Society of Neurology